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Created 07 August 2019
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An artificial intelligence system should be recognised as the inventor of two ideas in patents filed on its behalf, a team of academics says.

The AI has designed interlocking food containers that are easy for robots to grasp and a warning light that flashes in a rhythm that is hard to ignore.

Patents offices insist innovations are attributed to humans - to avoid legal complications that would arise if corporate inventorship were recognised.

The academics say this is "outdated".

And it could see patent offices refusing to assign any intellectual property rights for AI-generated creations.

As a result, two professors from the University of Surrey have teamed up with the Missouri-based inventor of Dabus AI to file patents in the system's name with the relevant authorities in the UK, Europe and US.

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Created 28 June 2019
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An academic study on artificial intelligence (AI) inventorship is now available for download.

The study was prepared by Dr. Noam Shemtov of Queen Mary University of London and analyses the impact of AI technology on the concept of inventorship. To download the study and for more information on patenting AI-related inventions please visit the dedicated webpage.

Created 28 June 2019
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Amazon has come up with yet another way to watch us: surveillance drones. The online retail behemoth has received a patent in America for “surveillance as a service”, where a drone would hover over an “authorised” home to take pictures or videos.

Amazon has built or bought a raft of products that collect data on people’s homes, from the Ring video doorbell to its Alexa voice assistant. It launched a service last year, called “Neighbors”, that allows Ring users to upload footage of suspicious activity, and has signed dozens of co-operation deals with local law enforcers allowing them access to the videos.

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Unmanned aerial vehicle based surveillance as a service

Inventor(s): YETURU KALIDAS [IN] + (Yeturu, Kalidas) Applicant(s): AMAZON TECH INC [US] +

Abstract of US10322801 (B1) The delivery of a package using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) may include performing a surveillance action at a property of an authorized party. The surveillance action may include imaging the property, and may be performed before or after the package is delivered. Surveillance data such as image data gathered in a surveillance action may be modified to remove or obscure adjacent properties not associated with the property of the authorized party. Based on surveillance data, the probability or confidence value of a surveillance event may be determined and a surveillance alert may be generated. Surveillance actions may be scheduled by a central controller to ensure that the surveillance action may be performed without exhausting the resources, such as battery power or time, of the UAV. Surveillance actions may be received as an interrupt and may have an associated priority level.

Created 28 June 2019
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Unitary Patents will make it possible to get patent protection in up to 26 EU Member States by submitting a single request to the EPO. They will build on European patents granted by the EPO under the rules of the European Patent Convention (EPC), so nothing will change in the pre-grant phase and the same high standards of quality search and examination will apply. After a European patent is granted, the patent proprietor will be able to request unitary effect, thereby getting a Unitary Patent which provides uniform patent protection in up to 26 EU Member States.

The start of the new system is currently expected for the first half of 2019.

Created 28 June 2019
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Huawei's Chief Legal Officer Song Liuping speaks at a press conference at the company's headquarters in Shenzhen in southern China's Guangdong province.

Chinese tech giant Huawei has warned a U.S. proposal to block the company from pursuing damages in the country's patent courts would be a "catastrophe for global innovation."

The proposal comes amid mounting U.S. action against Huawei, the biggest maker of switching gear for phone carriers. The company has been devastated by the Trump administration's decision to impose restrictions on its access to American chips for smartphones and other components and technology.

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Created 04 June 2019
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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that apply for patents, trade marks or designs have a greater chance of experiencing high growth than those that do not according to a new study released by the EPO and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). SMEs represent 99% of all businesses in the European Union, and contribute 57% of the EU's gross domestic product. However, a large proportion of the value generated by SMEs comes from a small number of high-growth firms (HGFs), which are often very innovative. The study shows that SMEs that have filed at least one IP right are 21% more likely to experience a growth period afterwards and are 10% more likely to become an HGF than firms without IP rights applications. SMEs that file for IP rights at European level have an even greater likelihood (17%) of becoming an HGF.

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Created 23 May 2019
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Amazon has filed a patent for a system that detects and records package theft and alerts homeowners. This system generates an alert based on smart home devices such as doorbells with audio and visual capabilities.
Created 23 May 2019
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The latest patent of Disney relates to an autonomous painting system for painting a target surface of a structure. This patent states that the system uses drones to perform the painting.
Created 20 May 2019
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The latest patent of Honda relates to a bike that supports variable riding position. This patent relates to a bike that can convert from a sports bike with a crouched riding position to a street bike with an upright position.
Created 20 May 2019
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Just a few days ago, Apple was granted a patent that described a new technology that could allow the company to offer an in-display fingerprint sensor on the iPhones. Now, yet another patent from the Cupertino tech giant has appeared on the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The new patent is named “fingerprint biometric sensor for generating three-dimensional fingerprint ridge data and related methods”, and it was published on May 7th, 2019. The company originally filed for this patent in September 2016.
Created 17 May 2019
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The latest patent filed by Dyson relates to an electric vehicle such as an electric car. The patent states that electric car may have a long wheelbase, an interior cabin with reclining seats and an aerodynamic design. The patent also indicates that the company is working on a vehicle with larger wheels to improve efficiency.


Created 17 May 2019
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A new entry into the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) may show where Samsung may think foldable displays and their use in the future are headed. It depicts an electronic product that can lay flat, but can also be folded...into a 3D rectangle. This "display device", therefore, may be a new kind of convertible, although it does not really seem that portable.


The 'brick' form is supported by the tabs, which face inwards. This allows the device to stand independently and display information such as time to the user.

The alleged Samsung patent in its 'block' form. (Source: LetsGoDigital)

Created 11 April 2019
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Toyota wil de populariteit van hybride wagens doen toenemen en geeft daarom concurrenten de kans om hun technologie te gebruiken.

Toyota gaat patenten hybride wagens vrij beschikbaar stellen - TechPulse

Autofabrikant Toyota heeft vandaag bekendgemaakt dat het de wereld toegang gaat geven tot zijn patenten voor hybride wagens en dat tot in het jaar 2030. De technologie van Toyota mag gebruikt worden zonder dat er royalties moeten betaald word.

Toyota blijft hybride transportmogelijkheden belangrijk vinden, zelfs ten tijde dat de populariteit van volledig elektrische voertuigen (EVs) aan een opmars bezig is. Met deze zet hoopt de fabrikant dan ook hybride wagens te promoten als dé brug tussen klassieke wagens en EVs.

Toyota is in het bezit van bijna 24.000 patenten. Dat gaat dan van motoren tot batterijen en alle onderdelen die je je maar kan bedenken. Toyota is ook de producent van de razend populaire Prius, waarvan er al meer dan 13 miljoen exemplaren de deur uitgingen sinds de introductie ervan in 1997.

Toyota liet in een persbericht weten dat het veel verzoeken tot informatie krijgt over sommige van hun elektrische systemen en vindt dan ook dat het tijd is om op het vlak van hybride wagens te gaan samenwerken.

Created 11 April 2019
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De economie wordt hoe langer hoe minder tastbaar. Patenten, onderzoek en ontwikkeling, software, netwerken en andere immateriële zaken worden steeds belangrijker. Alleen zien we dat niet in de bedrijfscijfers of nationale rekeningen. Daardoor miskijken we ons op de werkelijke waarde van bedrijven en de economie, en op de gevolgen van die immateriële verschuiving. (lees verder...)
Created 14 March 2019
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Companies and inventors from all over the world filed 174,317 patent applications with the European Patent Office (EPO) in 2018, an increase of 4.6% compared to the previous year. The EPO also published 127 625 granted European patents last year, 21% more than in 2017 and the largest number to date. The rise in European patent applications highlights the global attractiveness of the European market and indicates a strong position for European companies operating in their home territory. Indeed, 47% of patent applications at the EPO last year came from firms based in the 38 EPO member states (Fig.: Origin of patent applications 2018). European companies were at the centre of the increase in patent applications, filing 3.8% more applications in 2018 – their highest growth since 2010. Firms from the 38 EPO member states were responsible for nearly 40% of the total growth registered at the EPO – more than China, Japan and the Republic of Korea combined. (Read more)

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