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Created 25 May 2020
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Can AI be an inventor? According to a recent decision by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the answer seems to be no. There is more to this story, though, and we’ll need to push past the surface to understand the full nuances involved. Perhaps a more apt way to depict the situation is whether AI can be formally granted a U.S. patent, and for that the answer appears to unequivocally and emphatically be a razor-sharp no. The difference being that presumably anyone or anything could be an “inventor” if you are using the word “inventor” in a casual and offhanded manner. (Read more on Forbes)
Created 27 April 2020
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in April was the launch of the opposition procedure before the French Patent Office (“Institut National de la Propriété Intellectuelle” or “INPI”). This procedure is a new way to challenge the validity of a French patent, alongside the claim for invalidity. Opposition may be filed against any French patent which mention of grant has been published in the Official Bulletin of Industrial Property as of 1st April 2020. On the face of it, this "French-style" opposition procedure seems relatively similar to that of the EPO.
Created 14 April 2020
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Het aantal octrooi-aanvragen van Belgische bedrijven, universiteiten en onderzoeksinstellingen bij het Europees Octrooibureau (EOB) is in 2019 met 3,2% gestegen tot 2.423, het hoogste aantal ooit. Dat blijkt uit de “Patent Index s2013” die het EOB vandaag heeft gepubliceerd. Dit is het tweede opeenvolgende jaar van groei, na een daling in 2017. De stijging van het aantal octrooi-aanvragen in België ligt ruim boven de gemiddelde groei van 0,9% in de 28 EU-lidstaten.

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