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Created 04 May 2023
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Yann Ménière, EPO Chief Economist and Aidan Kendrick, EPO Chief Business Analyst, discuss the key patenting trends at the EPO in 2022. Increasing demand for European patents has been driven by companies outside Europe. Many digital technology fields show strong growth, whilst patent filings in some areas of chemistry and mechanical engineering are stagnating or in decline. (Presentation)
Created 26 April 2023
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The European Comminssion has tweaked draft patent rules to make it easier for patent holders to sue companies over royalty disputes following criticism that an earlier draft favoured users while restricting patent owners from seeking injunctions

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Created 24 April 2023
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Hyundai and Kia filed a patent application that describes an integrated control apparatus for an autonomous driving vehicle. The design for the new driving interface takes cues from the Xbox controller, featuring a pair of grips for each hand and triggers along its top and sides. (Source- carbuzz)
Created 24 April 2023
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De Franse start-up eBikeLabs die software voor elektrische fietsen ontwikkelt, wil de fietsenfabrikant Cowboy voor de rechter slepen. In een interne mail wordt de Brusselse fietsenmaker beschuldigd van "octrooi-inbreuk, schending van vakkennis en oneerlijke concurrentie", schrijft zakenkrant L'Echo. (Read more at BRUZZ)
Created 30 March 2023
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Belgische bedrijven, universiteiten en onderzoeksinstellingen hebben in 2022 een recordaantal van 2.604 octrooiaanvragen ingediend bij het Europees Octrooibureau (EPO). Het gaat om een toename met 5 procent ten opzichte van het voorgaande jaar, ondanks de wereldwijde onzekerheden, zo blijkt uit de EPO Patent Index. (Lees meer op
Created 28 March 2023
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The 10th anniversary of the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) system was today celebrated at an annual meeting with industry, at which the EPO President delivered an opening address. In a message to more than 30 participants representing large companies, patent information user groups and commercial providers, President António Campinos hailed the CPC as "the most refined, complete, and powerful classification system in the world". He also underscored the importance of CPC to patent quality owing to the improved accuracy and search speed it enables. Read more at EPO
Created 21 March 2023
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The recent decision in T 0169/20 draws together two threads of Boards of Appeal case law on the relationship between the claims and description of a patent. The decision directly addresses the question of the role of the description in interpreting the language of the claims. The answer to this question has practical consequences, as it is critical to both the question of claim interpretation for patentability and added matter analysis and to the ongoing controversy of description amendments.

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Created 20 February 2023
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The German government deposited its instrument of ratification of the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court (UPCA) with the Council of the European Union. The step marks the successful completion of the necessary ratification procedures by the participating EU member states for the Unitary Patent Package to become effective for currently 17 states. The new system is now ready to enter into operation on 1 June 2023. More countries are expected to join in the future.

Welcoming the news, EPO President António Campinos said, "The deposit by Germany opens the door for a new era of IP protection in Europe. Under the Unitary Patent system, European businesses will be able to benefit from broader and more effective patent protection at lower costs, which is particularly important for smaller entities. The start of the long-expected system is the result of close co-operation and constructive work of all partners and stakeholders of the European patent system. It will be a boon for the European economy as it establishes a uniform technology market facilitating transactions across a big economic region. While later this year we are going to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our founding treaty, the European Patent Convention, this huge step represents a historic moment for innovators and the protection of inventions in Europe." 

European patent applicants have already shown strong interest. Since the EPO launched its transitional measures on 1 January to encourage an early uptake of the new system, more than 2 200 requests for unitary effect and/or for delay of grant have been filed.

The Unitary Patent system will mark the single most important reform in the history of the European patent system since its creation in 1973.The new system will enable uniform patent protection across all participating EU members states by way of a single patent application filed with the EPO and provide a centralised platform for Europe-wide patent litigation before the Unified Patent Court. The 25 EU member states participating in enhanced cooperation for the Unitary Patent package are estimated to have a combined GDP of more than 14 trillion euros (corresponding to 80% of the entire EU's GDP) and incorporate a population of nearly 400 million people - more than the US, Canada and Australia combined.

Created 24 January 2023
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WIPO launched the first edition of its “Green Technology Book” focusing on climate-change adaptation – placing these measures on equal footing with mitigation measures. This new flagship publication is part of the Organization’s long-standing efforts to ensure that innovation, technology and intellectual property (IP) are at the forefront of the fight against climate change. The Green Technology Book is created in cooperation with the partners Climate Technology Center and Network (CTCN) and the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASTR).
Created 24 January 2023
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Global intellectual property (IP) filings for patents, trademarks and designs reached new heights in 2021, showing the resilience of the global innovation ecosystem during the COVID-19 pandemic. The WIPI, which compiles the latest data from some 150 national and regional IP, found a substantial rise in patent filings in China, combined with robust contributions from the IP office of the Republic of Korea and the European Patent Office. These were the main drivers of global growth in 2021.
Created 17 June 2022
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Uit Europees onderzoek blijkt dat ruim 90% van de ondernemers geen geregistreerde intellectuele eigendomsrechten heeft. Daarom lanceerden vijf Belgische en Nederlandse overheidsorganisaties op 26 april 2022 - Werelddag van de intellectuele eigendom - voor het eerst een nieuw gemeenschappelijk digitaal platform voor intellectuele eigendomsrechten. Het platform Create, Protect & Benefit informeert de meer dan drie miljoen kmo´s in de Benelux over het belang en de meerwaarde van intellectuele eigendom. (Lees meer op VLAIO)
Created 26 October 2021
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From a global perspective, Europe and the US are leading innovation in plastic recycling and alternative plastics technologies, a new study published today by the European Patent Office (EPO) shows. Europe and the US each accounted for 30% of patenting activity worldwide in these sectors between 2010 and 2019, or 60% combined. Within Europe, Germany posted the highest share of patent activity in both plastic recycling and bioplastic technologies (8% of global total), while France, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium stand out for their higher specialisation in these fields.
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