IP Culture


The ability to influence the Corporation in respect of IP and the provision within the Corporation of an educated and receptive (decision making) community.


Policy & Procedures

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We have developed tailor made tools and instruments which will help the client to understand and implement IP into his daily operations.

These tools vary from recording and docketing IP items such as idea banks and agreement banks up to procedures for implementation of an effective and efficient IP policy within the company.

We are determined to increase your understanding of

•what IP is
•how you can use IP to add value

Wewill make sure that your IP is used as a business tool to help achieve defined business goals, as an incentive assisting innovation via intelligence, as a security establishing property rights to key assets vital for competition. BiiP's policy and procedures support these commitments.

IP Awareness

10 Small CustomTailor made IP awareness program includes

  • Brochures
  • IP session newcomers
  • IP session basic
  • IP focus on Patents
  • Patent course for research people
  • IP for business managers
  • IP licensing
  • IP project management

Innovation Rewards

11 CustomMore than pure innovation, we manage the innovation process.

Innovation is the starting bases to provide upstream counseling with a view to further determine the IP strategy needed to support the business. We thereby help identifying inventions, and ensures the broadest protective coverage without gaps in scope. We also advises early on how to avoid competitive patents. For key projects, this will ultimately determine and guarantee the success these projects are aiming for.

The BiiP team takes shared responsibility through early project involvement. Whether your starting point is a concept, an idea, an improved process/product, or a market need, we help you to identify the next steps and creates options. These options are mapped out visually thereby creating roadmaps for technology solutions and steering of the next development phases.

Each and every step is mapped out and analyzed further supported by technology, financial and marketing considerations leading to the most effective option for returning value to your project.

Project Management

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Although sometimes perceived differently, IP can be really dynamic. In order for IP to be dynamic it needs to be looked upon as a business tool requiring management and integration into a business strategy.

With the BiiP project management process, BiiP breaks down the complicated process of IP into stages, gates and decision points enabling business people to decide what action to take at a particular step in the business process going from idea to successful introduction into the market place.

The BiiP process has clearly identified actions and deliverables and is aligned with the technology, product, marketing and financial strategy underpinning the overall business strategy.

BiiP project management is a disciplined process but yet flexible and built for speed and effectiveness. Its implementation, whether you are sole inventor or a company, is tailor made to the client’s needs thereby supporting your business plan.

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