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Our Mission is ...


To provide high-level integrated IP consulting services

in support to the client’s business.


  • maximize opportunities to capture intellectual property for a given business strategy/project to ensure exclusive rights matching business needs; 
  • avoid as early as possible freedom to act problems
  • improve use of intelligence such as patent information; 
  • link IP with the client's needs for marketing/technology strategy
  • improve IP project management on aspects such as speed, quality, risk management; 
  • improve quality of patent applications; 
  • minimize own prior art barriers; 
  • minimize “rush” patent applications; 
  • establish IP awareness/discipline in the organization; 
  • increase probability of project success, hence a higher percentage of successful projects in the portfolio; 
  • increase project manager's ability to meet project objectives in time and within budget by emphasizing completion of numerous activities simultaneously with those contributing to the client's project; 
  • enhance communication within the organization; 
  • provide clear and transparent criteria for decision making; 
  • conduct due diligence investigation for IP aspects of the client's buy-in / buy-out plans; 
  • monitor and act against the client's IP infringing competitors
  • turn IP into license revenues and shareholder's value.


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