IP Transfer

IP Transfer

27 CustomThe ability to maximize the value of the incoming / outgoing IP to the business.

Third party IP may be available for acquisition. Owned IP may be ready for divestment, optionally on the condition of a grant-back license.

We assist our clients in acquiring or divesting IP. This includes finding available IP, finding parties interested in acquiring the client's IP, and conducting negotiations that finally lead to an IP transfer agreement.

Valorisation And Exploitation

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Freedom Study

28 CustomWe investigate the freedom to commercially exploit an idea.

The freedom study starts with a product clearance search in order to make an assessment of potential IP obstacles.

The results of the product clearance search are analysed. IP rights such as pending patent applications as well as granted patent claims are studied against the client's idea features. The client is advised on existing IP obstacles and is presented with a concrete action plan to mitigate potential risks.

We proposes solutions by addressing the potential risks such as either eliminating the obstacles or alternatively working around the identified third party IP, or also proposing possible technology licensing or acquisition strategies in order to enable its client to produce, market, sell or use a product without the risk of infringing valid third party IP.


LicensingOne way to generate direct return from an IP portfolio, is through licensing. A license will enable the IP holder to generate a direct visible return for its investors and shareholders, while staying in control of how third parties use and exploit the licensed IP (by restricting the license in time, in territory, in nature of activities, through exclusivities, etc.)

We assist in determining the most appropriate licensing strategy for its clients and, on assignment, conducts license negotiations with potential licensees.


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Portfolio Audits

30 CustomPatent auditing and mining is a useful tool for companies that own a large portfolio of IP such as patents, trademarks as well as for small and start-up companies. By conducting a detailed review of their IP portfolio, companies can identify new areas that need to be covered as well as additional business and license opportunities. The above is essential to our IP mining and effective IP portfolio management service.

We provide a high quality, low cost IP mining service.

An example of our process for patent portfolio auditing and mining comprises several optional steps:

What does COMPANY have?the IP audit What does COMPANY need?the gap analysis Acquire what COMPANY needsthe investment strategy Validate what COMPANY hasthe harvest strategy Divest what COMPANY does not needthe deployment strategy Monitoring COMPANY‘s patent portfolio for cost-effectivenessthe cost study


valueIP often represents one of the most valuable assets of a company whether it is know-how, patents, licenses, brand names or any other form of intangible assets.

Often there is a commercial need to assess the IP in a transaction involving intellectual property. Intellectual property must be regarded as a capital asset rather than just being the short term result of a recent expenditure.

We use a number of valorisation methodologies capable of turning your IP into concrete value.

Whether you are a sole inventor or a medium to big-size company, we will guide you to make the most of your ideas.

Practical our valorisation can result in a selling of the idea, providing financial investors comfort to further support your activities, or exploiting your IP rights by transfers such as a license or sale.

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