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Newly published Microsoft patent aims to eliminate paper

Written by Daniel van Herck :: [Thursday, 02 February 2017 16:16]
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by Surur Jan 21, 2017: A recently published patent by Microsoft aims to address this by using e-Ink displays, which can of course be endlessly recycled and re-used, which would result in a significant reduction in paper usage. Unfortunately e-Ink displays are at present a poor substitute for paper, offering neither the low cost or flexibility. Microsoft’s idea is to divorce the bi-stable e-Ink display from its electronics, batteries, communication and other elements, creating a re-usable e-Ink “paper” and a new type of printer, which instead of using expensive ink would simply use electric fields to “write” information on the e-ink displays. Because the e-ink display would have no electronics it would be both cheap and bendable, and therefore be a good stand-in for paper. To change the information on the page users would simply feed the sheet back into the printer again.
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