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Created 24 January 2023
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WIPO launched the first edition of its “Green Technology Book” focusing on climate-change adaptation – placing these measures on equal footing with mitigation measures. This new flagship publication is part of the Organization’s long-standing efforts to ensure that innovation, technology and intellectual property (IP) are at the forefront of the fight against climate change. The Green Technology Book is created in cooperation with the partners Climate Technology Center and Network (CTCN) and the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASTR).
Created 24 January 2023
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Global intellectual property (IP) filings for patents, trademarks and designs reached new heights in 2021, showing the resilience of the global innovation ecosystem during the COVID-19 pandemic. The WIPI, which compiles the latest data from some 150 national and regional IP, found a substantial rise in patent filings in China, combined with robust contributions from the IP office of the Republic of Korea and the European Patent Office. These were the main drivers of global growth in 2021.
Created 16 September 2022
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Steakholder Foods has coined the ‘first-of-its kind’ and ‘richly marbled’ structured meat product Omakase Beef Morsels.

Its latest product – comes as a result of its recently filed patent for 3D-bioprinting technology that allows ‘unprecedented’ marbling control within a consolidated structure. (Read at FoodNavigator)

Created 08 September 2022
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Samsung filed patent application for a mobile phone with a secondary transparent display on its rear. The transparent display works like a standard display or in a more subdued role like an always-on display. The display panel can be customized to display different designs, device information and more.
Created 17 June 2022
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Uit Europees onderzoek blijkt dat ruim 90% van de ondernemers geen geregistreerde intellectuele eigendomsrechten heeft. Daarom lanceerden vijf Belgische en Nederlandse overheidsorganisaties op 26 april 2022 - Werelddag van de intellectuele eigendom - voor het eerst een nieuw gemeenschappelijk digitaal platform voor intellectuele eigendomsrechten. Het platform Create, Protect & Benefit informeert de meer dan drie miljoen kmo´s in de Benelux over het belang en de meerwaarde van intellectuele eigendom. (Lees meer op VLAIO)
Created 04 May 2022
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The European Patent Office (EPO) received 188 600 applications in 2021, up 4.5% on the previous year and the highest number to date. The number of patent applications - an early indicator of companies' investments in research and development - increased in nine of the top ten most patent-active fields of technology, with digital communication and computer technology posting the strongest growth. "The strong demand for patents last year shows that innovation has remained robust," said EPO President António Campinos. "It highlights the creativity and resilience of innovators in Europe and worldwide. They have filed higher numbers of patent applications and the strong growth in digital technologies provides compelling evidence of the digital transformation taking place across all sectors and industries," he said.
Created 26 January 2022
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The Protocol to the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court on provisional application (PPA) enters into force, following the deposit of the instrument of ratification by Austria.. The final preparations for the Unified Patent Court will now start.
Created 26 January 2022
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Sonos heeft een juridisch gevecht met Google gewonnen. Het resultaat is – voor bezitters van Google Smart Speakers – nogal onhandig. (Read more at Alpha Audio)
Created 24 December 2021
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Legal Board of Appeal rules that an inventor must be human, dismissing the appeals on the two DABUS applications which named an Artificial Intelligence as the inventor.

The Legal Board of Appeal confirmed the decisions of the Receiving Section of the European Patent Office to refuse the applications  in which an artificial intelligence system called DABUS was designated as inventor in the application forms. The Legal Board of Appeal also refused the auxiliary request according to which no person had been identified as inventor but merely a natural person was indicated to have "the right to the European Patent by virtue of being the owner and creator of" the artificial intelligence system DABUS.

Read more at EPO news

Created 20 December 2021
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The EPO has produced a series of case studies on European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which are leveraging the power of patents and other IP rights to achieve business success.

SMEs from different countries, operating in different industries and technology sectors, were interviewed about their IP strategies and underlying business models. The resulting case studies illustrate how new and established SMEs have developed the IP management capabilities they need, and how they are using IP to their advantage.

Read more at EPO - SME case studies

Created 26 October 2021
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From a global perspective, Europe and the US are leading innovation in plastic recycling and alternative plastics technologies, a new study published today by the European Patent Office (EPO) shows. Europe and the US each accounted for 30% of patenting activity worldwide in these sectors between 2010 and 2019, or 60% combined. Within Europe, Germany posted the highest share of patent activity in both plastic recycling and bioplastic technologies (8% of global total), while France, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium stand out for their higher specialisation in these fields.
Read more at EPO News.

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