Universal files patent to put guests on a virtual reality leash

Written by Daniel van Herck :: [Friday, 01 February 2019 16:00]
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Seth Kubersky Orlando Weekly January 28

Universal may have struck upon a solution in their new patent application for "Systems and Methods for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Path Management," which basically boils down to harnessing guests like hyperactive toddlers on a leash and tethering them to an overhead track, allowing them to walk forward without straying across their neighbors' path.

Universal's idea appears to enable multiple guests to use the attraction simultaneously using a "block zone" method "to ensure that users do not interfere with other users' experiences."

Similar to systems that allow multiple roller coaster trains to be on the same track without crashing into each other, the tether would restrain guests from getting too close to a slower player ahead of them while displaying "VR images of a locked gate, a dense fog, dense foliage, a wall, etc." The tracks could even have multiple branching paths, giving users the illusion of free roaming without fear of flailing into fellow players.